Myths about psychotherapy

Therapy is no joke when it comes treating serious conditions such as depression or anxiety. Some rumours or even jokes can make some people seriously scared about their condition and of therapists in Dubai as well. Before believing any such falsifying facts it is important that you find the truth and this is why here we will be debunking some myths about psychotherapy:

  • You will be dwelling in your past the whole time

This is far from the truth. Yes it is true that in certain cases you will be asked to discuss about your past and your problem could be connected to this but if that is not your case then there is no reason of dwelling in past. Though with modern forms of psychology or psychotherapy focuses more on the present. All you have to do is be attentive and present in the moment to find solution to your problems.

  • Therapists don’t want their patients to cure

Well this is extremely unethical to even think about. Psychologists are there to help everyone and their main motive is to serve humanity which forbids them from thinking about such thing. Even if a therapist have such thought in their mind related to their patients so that they never cure and they keep earning in such case their record is not well enough and they actually lose their reputation with no new clients coming in.

  • Therapy is about applying book learning nothing else

It could be true for therapists just graduated or in their internships but there are things which go deeper than that. Therapy is about learning an individual and about their experiences and then finding the right solution to their problem. What works for a person may not work for the other as we are all chemically different so in order to solve your specific problem, therapist will have to dig deeper into real life experiences and situations.

  • Therapy is about feeling not thoughts

It is true that a huge part of therapy is based on your feelings because they determine your mood but your thoughts are equally important. It is the debate about how your body works. Is your heart that controls your mind or your mind controls your heart or are they both equally important.

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