Things You Should Know About Overnight Desert Camping Dubai

Visiting Dubai and going back without exploring the guileless or the vast desert is like just sitting on a swing without a push. Desert safaris are not only riding on the back of a camel and go about here and there, in this overnight desert camping in Dubai will get more than this and more than you will expect.

It is not that wild as you might have heard from around, there are no sand bugs or scorpions getting in your clothes neither there is any kind of hassle, but yes, you will be covered all in sand. You just have to book your reservation and let the magic take over you. There is also day desert safari where you can also see the hot air balloons Dubai from a distant but the night desert safari will leave you stunned, as many of us seen the desert in day but you should see what it is like to and what is there to do in desert in the night.

People have a concept that the desert safari is all about riding the camels and getting into the camps, well you get a ride but not on a camel but in the latest 4WD (Land Rovers, Range Rovers, V8, or in a Fortuner). All these 4WD are air-conditioned, in top-notch conditions, the drivers are experienced and the ride is full of rip-roaring speed. This will be the one of a kind family adventure.

This night safari has a lot to offer other than sand dune bashing rides in 4WD, after this, you are taken to witness and try Arabian sports; camel riding, quad biking and sandboarding. Kids of all ages can enjoy this and don’t worry about them being hurt because the sand is as soft as cotton. You can also pet a falcon there.

After these activities, you are driven into a camp where you can eat from a long buffet which include traditional Arabic food and Western food as well. While the buffet is still being heated up, till that time you can enjoy the fire show and the belly dance, its like a traditional Arab pub.

And as soon as, all is over, the lights turn off and you get a nice sleeping bag with a soft pillow and a warm blanket and gaze all night at the dark sky with bright stars.