The power of digital marketing

An LG service centre that deals in home appliances repair in Abu Dhabi should strive to gain competitive advantage in the market by getting the best out of digital marketing. The service centre as well as the customer gets to benefit from this marketing strategy.

Traditional set up: Conventional setups proved to be a headache for most service centre and customers due to the amount of cost incurred in the process. For instance if an appliance starts malfunctioning, the customer is left with no other choice to either have a service team to come to the customer’s residence and fix it up, otherwise the customer ends up going to a service centre. In either case it is costly for either party. To make matters worse, one of the staff members is inexperienced and ends up using improper techniques leading to the appliance being damaged further, then the appliance had to be taken to the service centre. This would keep leading to delays and customers would end up being frustrated.

Impact of digital marketing: The point of a service centre to market itself digitally is to reduce the cost of a traditional setup for both the parties concerned by a significant margin. The service centre can promote its product and services on various online platforms and this involves no cost to be incurred. For instance the service centre can promote not only its products but services such as uploading videos on how it goes about repairing appliances. The videos can be uploaded on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn. The viewers get to see the contents being uploaded without any cost involved. This is a good marketing strategy to retain current customers as well as attract new customers.

No one gets replaced: Employees of the existing setup could fear that they might lose their jobs when the service centre decides to market itself online. They have nothing to worry about as the process remains the same but the cost of running the business goes down significantly. New jobs will be created in ways that there will be a team responsible for running the company’s social media official accounts. There is a need of a response team to answer customer’s question/queries online such as Facebook private messenger.

Conclusion: Arabian oryx Technical Services L.L.C has the potential to utilize digital marketing.