Recruitment and Overseas Manpower

Recruitment can be defined as the process of hiring and select an employee for the jobs available in different companies and organizations. Following points will explain the process in detail to you.

There are mainly four steps involved in the process of recruitment; however the number of steps can vary according to the kind of job and position. The main four steps are explained below:

Step Number 1:

First of all you will need to attract people suitable for the job by promoting your vacancy and facility it provides. This can be done through advertising. You can either run ads on your public page or on your websites; newspaper is also a good option. The advertisement is one of the many ways to attract people. This step will not require much effort as jobless people are always looking for jobs.

Step Number 2:

The second step will involve selecting and short listing candidates that you think are capable for the post available. The people will submit their CVs (Curriculum Vitae) as their response to you, through which you will shortlist that, fulfill the requirements of the job available. These will be the one you will be interviewing.

Step Number 3:

After short listing and sorting out the CVs you will announce a date for the interview. This step may take a while as you have to meet everyone in person and ask them questions related to the job.

Step Number 4:

The fourth and last step will be announcing the final candidate who you have selected for the job. You will either inform them about the job by a call or send them an appointment letter. Sending the letter will be a good choice as it will look more professional.   

What Does Manpower Overseas Mean?

You might or might not have heard the word manpower. But ever wondered what does manpower means? Read here about it. When we talk in an economic sense, it refers to the overall workforce of a country. Here in, there are two different concepts that should be discussed. These include manpower deficit and surplus.

How Does Overseas Manpower Consultant Work?

The overseas manpower consultant is like a connection between organizations and people. They work between a corporate and people who are looking for a job. In short, they have two customers their Client (the corporate), and the Candidate (the one who is looking for job).